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CSKANKY ART FEATURE - Click here to see the process involved from the
customers perspective and also an interview with me.

SHERRI ROSENBERG BLOG FEATURE - Blog post feauring the portrait of Khan
Commissioned by Sherri's Husband.




Kitty, UK - Portrait of Florrie.

Every detail about our commission was wonderful from first correspondence to receiving the beautifully packaged portrait. The likeness is uncanny, from just a photo Luke translated everything we love about our puppy into what is now a most treasured piece proudly displayed on our wall. The colours, the little details and the quality surpassed everything I first imagined. I couldn't recommend Luke more, he's incredibly talented. Thank you!

Jennifer, USA - Set of Portraits - Ty & Bugsy

I cannot go on enough about how much I enjoyed working with Luke Jervis. We commissioned Luke to paint Ty (Weimaraner) and Bugsy (French Bulldog) after falling in love with some of his pieces featured on his website. Let me just say that the pieces featured online do not do his works of art justice. They are even more amazing in person. Before Luke began painting our boys he presented us with a mock-up of each pup and upon approval began to work his artistic magic sending us updates along the way of each piece. I loved receiving little sneak previews of the paintings, but was completely blown away when they arrived on my doorstep with brown paper packaging, tied with strings, personalized paper tags and wax seals to top it off. I really feel as an artist he goes above and beyond for his clients. The pups were stunning! When you look at the paintings you can really see the Weimaraner’s big goofy personality and the French Bulldogs snotty attitude. I highly recommend him as an artist to any pet parent wanting to capture their pup’s personality forever.

Rita, USA - Portait of Henley

"Detail" is the resounding theme of Luke's animal portraiture.  For an artist to accurately capture your dog's unique personality in a painting is no small feat.  Luke managed to portray Henley’s very essence on canvas; from the prominent bump on his head to his signature look of contemplation. He had not painted just any black dog; this was MY Henley in the portrait.

Throughout our correspondence, Luke was helpful, patient and professional   – reassuring me that what he created would be the perfect representation of Henley. We discussed every detail and aspect of the scene: What kind of outfit Henley would wear (Polka dot tie or paisley ascot?), what color background I'd prefer and the aforementioned expression on his face. Luke involved me in every decision, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring that I'd be completely satisfied with the painting I'd receive.

Luke’s attention to detail went far beyond the painting itself. It arrived neatly wrapped in brown paper, bound with twine and ornamented with a tag that displayed my name in elegant script. Luke had matted the portrait in an ornate gold frame that perfectly reiterated Henley's dignified austerity.

I cannot say enough good things about Luke’s work and have proudly displayed Henley's portrait on the mantel in my home.


Abbe, USA - Set of Portrait

The extremely talented Luke Jervis has gone above any expectation I could have in regards to portraits of our girls. The Victorian portraits are absolutely gorgeous. Every little detail from the clothing, look in their eyes and of course those special broaches! Caddo has a pheasant and Ivy has a squirrel on her broach, the perfect little detail that makes my two bird dogs extra chic!

The arrived simply wrapped and fastened with a thin rope and a hand written name tag…I almost hated to undo such a pretty package.

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