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Founded in mid 2012 by me, Luke Jervis, I currently live in North Wales, UK.
I studied Art & Design at college and then followed that with a degree from Demontfort University in Graphic Design & Illustration.

I've always been really interested in animals, and after studying Art and Design at college, I became really interested in old, classic painting, also I didn't carry on with this until my last year of University where I was creating a book for my last project, the main character happened to be a Koala, and for the cover I decided to paint a portrait of him, This was the very beginning of this project.

Each piece of work is handpainted by me, creating it the best I possibly can, in high quality Acrylic paint on either Canvasboard or Thick paper.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the work.

If you have any questions please emai me -



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